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Prosecco and a Paintbrush with Henhouse Art School

Join us for a fun night out creating your own version of artwork by the Great Masters to more Contemporary Artists. ​

No experience needed, just create, drink and have fun! ​All materials are supplied and expert tuition and advice given.

Starting on Wednesday 28th Feb there will be monthly ‘Prosecco and a Paintbrush’ sessions in McKenzie’s restaurant in Lichfield. Accompanied by a glass of Prosecco Adults will create their own version of famous artwork by one of the Great Masters or a more contemporary one. They will take home their masterpiece on a canvas, framed or on a plinth ready to display.

28 February - Monet’s Water Lilies in soft pastels 28 March - Dufy in Watercolour 25 April - Klimt's Garden 23 May - Lichtenstein's Pop Art 27 June - Seurat's Pointillism 18 July - Steven Brown's Cows in oil pastels 26 Sept - Keith Haring's Street/Pop Art 24 Oct - Matisse's Cut-outs 28 Nov - Cezanne's Still Life

Contact Details and Map

McKenzie's Restaurant

The Corn Exchange
WS13 6JU

Date & Times

    From: Wednesday 28th February 2018 07:30pm
    To: Wednesday 28th February 2018 09:30pm
    From: Wednesday 28th March 2018 06:30pm
    To: Wednesday 28th March 2018 08:30pm
    From: Wednesday 25th April 2018 06:30pm
    To: Wednesday 25th April 2018 08:30pm
    From: Wednesday 23rd May 2018 06:30pm
    To: Wednesday 23rd May 2018 08:30pm
    From: Wednesday 27th June 2018 06:30pm
    To: Wednesday 27th June 2018 08:30pm
    From: Wednesday 18th July 2018 06:30pm
    To: Wednesday 18th July 2018 08:30pm
    From: Wednesday 26th September 2018 06:30pm
    To: Wednesday 26th September 2018 08:30pm
    From: Wednesday 24th October 2018 06:30pm
    To: Wednesday 24th October 2018 08:30pm
    From: Wednesday 28th November 2018 07:30pm
    To: Wednesday 28th November 2018 09:30pm